Healthy living is the mantra of a good life but if you happen to be engulfed with the habit of smoking cigarette then the joy of living healthy might elude you. Because smoking is both a psychological as well as a physical addiction, quitting the same can be a hard nut to crack. Hence we have decided to lend you a helping hand by offering you a safer alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes, known as electronic cigarette or an e-cig. Eletronic cigarettes emulate conventional butts by using electricity to form vapors without producing nicotine or tobacco during the process. This form of harmless smoking is becoming popular day by day as more and more smokers are kicking the butt for these e cigarettes.
We are Here to Understand Your Needs
It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with the world of e cigs or are about to give it a try, our experienced team is all geared up to help you with whatever help you require. It can be anything from choosing the right flavor for you, picking the electronic cigarette according to your budget, informing you about the benefits of quitting smoking to getting the best advice from experts — you will get all these services under one roof.
The Best is Here
Our unmatched quality coupled with best prices makes us one of the leading suppliers of electronic cigarettes in UK. Moreover the years of experience that we have in this field of making e cigs speaks volumes about the quality that we provide.
Properly Tested e cigs
An e cigarette is determined by the quality of its liquid, hence we, make sure that there is no compromise on that front just for the sake of increasing production. Every e cig is first tested and goes through different stages to check and re-check the performance of the cigarette. It’s a matter of your trust and we take utmost care to build the trust quotient with our clients. Read what our customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of e liquid that we offer.
Great Value for Your Money
Buying an electronic cig online from our company website can be really affordable without burning any hole in your pocket. You can have combo packs containing all the essentials that you require for your starter kit like atomizers, vaporizers, USB ports, chargeable battery so that you can charge your electronic cig even whether you are in the car or moving around. If you are looking forward to buy some cheaper variants then we have mini disposable e cigarettes for you. You can puff around 20-25 puffs with these mini-cigarettes.
Our recharged batteries can work for three hours at a stretch while you take nearly 300 puffs at a go while automizers have an output of 300-350 puffs. All you need to do is use the same battery but buy a different automizer with every new pack so that you enjoy non-stop electronic smoking.
Quick Delivery
Our company has the record of being able to deliver all the order for electronic cigarettes that you place on it within the time specified. This timely delivery is the benchmark of our quality services. Moreover we can accept your orders from all over the country. You have the option to choose from regular or express delivery service on the basis of which delivery time varies. We can even offer special discounts in case you have a bulk order.
Original Products
When you have decided to choose us as your preferred electronic cigarette company, then rest assured that originality will not be compromised. Our documentations and insurances are there in place so that you are assured that you are buying the right thing from the right place.
Begin your tobacco-free life by availing our state of the art services and products!